Higher Gaining


The Higher Gaining Department focues on full body gainz. It’ a 90 day GYM BASED training course with 3 blocks to complete. Within each block the RPE trifecta sequence will be met. Each block is 4 weeks long. The first block is orientation. Here we will concentrate on getting students into the habit of working out on a Gainsta’z level. This is called “shocking the body.” The next two blocks are midterms and finals. Within these two blocks, students will solely follow the curriculum of their choice (Massmaticz or Ripology). HIITnomicz is involved with both majors. It’s a cardio curriculum. Though students will choose one curriculum to follow, they will have access to the other curriculum as well. So changing majors is available without an extra cost.

Throughout the course students, will learn how to calculate their daily calorie intake based upon their line of work. This way the proper calories are consumed to produce those gainz. A meal guide and recommended supplements are also provided. As a bonus, one Heat 16 abdominal link is given for extra credit. It’s already plugged into the workout schedule for both majors. If students want potent abdominal training for quicker core gainz, they should enroll into the Heat 16. #GA1NUP #AlwaysHustle